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 Update May 2017:
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  • For the latest information, visit the group's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/trainsforisabelle
  • This layout is outdoors, and operates from fall through the end of June.
  • The layout is inside a closed area that the public cannot access, but it can be viewed through the windows.
  • It is normally "unmanned".  The 4 point-to-point trolleys run on timers during the day.  The 6 train lines that loop the layout, can be started by the public, using pushbuttons. 
  • The operators are usually there on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm to do maintenance.

  • This 2012 Blogger page can be considered an ARCHIVE page.
  • The below photo, and the photos in Google Photos album, show the the layout as it was back in 2012.
  • The group had to dismantle it completely due to construction at the hospital, and is now in the process of completely rebuilding it.  The new layout is completely different than the old layout shown in these 2012 photos.

CLICK HERE 1  to view the 3-minute Dec 2011 VIDEO by TV Channel 5 KHPO.  (2017 update: KHPO has removed the video, but the text information remains.

CLICK HERE 2  to view the June 10, 2009 Arizona Republic newspaper article

Quoted from the Arizona Republic article:
  • "John Macrone said Trains for Kids by Isabelle was his wife's idea. She died in January 2005 from lung cancer. Shortly after her death, the children's hospital at Banner Desert Medical Center dedicated the garden in honor of the couple's vision to help comfort children who spend time at the hospital."
CLICK HERE 3  to view layout PHOTOS in a Google Photos photo album
  • Layout is currently maintained by John Macrone, Frank Konfrst, Walter Kersing, and Brent Phillips.
  • The layout "shuts down" in June, and is not operating during the summer.


For more layouts that you can view in the Phoenix AZ area, please visit PhxRail.org .